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Catch the Latest Episode of Another Smash Podcast

Join Another Castle’s biggest Smash Bros fans as they discuss the most recent screenshots and other news.

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Mario Kart 8 Review

Looks stunning, plays well, but does it tick all the right boxes?

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Transistor Review

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.

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Friday Night Friendlies

Play Mario Kart and more in our weekly online gaming nights.

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Two Tribes reveal their new game RIVE for all current platforms

Devs go from cute puzzle series to a wacky arcade shooter/platformer.

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Project CARS (Wii U version) won’t be released in Australia

If the official website is anything to go by.

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NES Remix Pack announced for NA release (Holiday release)

Two remixes, one box.

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Nintendo eShop Weekly Update 24/7 – Virtual Console Remix Shenanigans

Tamazoid details the newest additions and any discounts on the Wii U and 3DS eShop.

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New Wii U firmware 5.1.0 available

Introduces Wii U to Wii U system transfers.

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Pete Hines to Deliver Storytime Keynote at PAX AUS 2014

Fallout 4 news? Not likely, but we can dream.

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Steam Winter Sale

Time to start emptying your wallets.

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The Legend of Korra Announced: Developed by Platinum Games

Turn-based RPG for 3DS also on the way, but not developed by Platinum

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Another Smash Podcast E3 2014

In a very special 13th episode, JP & Dave cover all of the Super Smash Bros news from Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event.

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Nintendo @ E3

Robot Chicken keeps us entertained while we enjoy seeing a heap of new Wii U games.

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Sony @ E3

It felt like it just kept going and going, but damn did Sony have some nice games on show.

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Ubisoft @ E3

Rainbow Six returns!

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EA @ E3

Sports, screaming girls and a severe lack of Star Wars.

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Microsoft @ E3

Games, games and more games.

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Mario Kart 8 Online

Let’s get some races going.

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Sonic Boom Discussion

Meet “Sticks”, a new character in the upcoming Sonic Boom. But is she playable?

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