Zelda Wii U Delayed: Will Not Release in 2015, Skipping E3

This morning, Eiji Aonuma released a brief video message, stating that unlike previous statements to the contrary, Zelda Wii U will not launch in 2015. According to Aonuma, this is due to the development team having discovered new ideas to implement into the game, ideas that are now possible due to the unprecedented freedom of exploration available in the game […]


Xbox Games With Gold for April 2015

Celebrating over 100 million game downloads over the course of the Games With Gold program, next month’s Games With Gold offerings are twice the usual amount.

Those with an Xbox Live Gold membership can download Child of Light and Pool Nation FX on Xbox One at any time during April, while Xbox 360 owners are treated to four titles, including […]


PS4 Gets Suspend/Resume and More in Latest Update

The latest system update for PlayStation 4 is so big it has its own name – “Yukimura”. The update is expected to hit sometime today.

Yukimura brings the long-awaited Suspend/Resume feature that Sony promised before the PS4 even launched. Xbox One already has this feature which allows you to jump straight from rest mode into a paused game, picking up where you left off […]


Screenshot Gallery: Splatoon

  • Splatoon-40
  • Splatoon-1
  • Splatoon-2
  • Splatoon-3
  • Splatoon-4
  • Splatoon-5
  • Splatoon-6
  • Splatoon-7
  • Splatoon-8
  • Splatoon-9
  • Splatoon-10
  • Splatoon-11
  • Splatoon-13
  • Splatoon-16
  • Splatoon-18
  • Splatoon-19
  • Splatoon-20
  • Splatoon-21
  • Splatoon-22
  • Splatoon-23
  • Splatoon-24
  • Splatoon-25
  • Splatoon-26
  • Splatoon-27
  • Splatoon-28
  • Splatoon-31
  • Splatoon-32
  • Splatoon-34
  • Splatoon-35
  • Splatoon-36
  • Splatoon-37
  • Splatoon-38
  • Splatoon-39
  • Splatoon-40
  • Splatoon-41
  • Splatoon-42
  • Splatoon-51
  • Splatoon-52
  • Splatoon-53
  • Splatoon-54



Conker Returns in Episodic Adventure for Project Spark

First teased during Microsoft’s E3 presentation last year, Rare’s Conker is coming to Project Spark, the game creation tool for Xbox One and Windows PC. Now we know the full details.

While a lot of us may have initially reacted like this, I think we’re now at the stage where we’ll take what we can get; be it a Battletoads cameo in Shovel Knight or a Conker cameo in Project Spark.

However, it’s quite a bit more than just a cameo for ol’ Conker […]