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Book Review: Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo and the Battle That Defined a Generation by Blake J. Harris

The rise and fall of gaming’s greatest underdog.

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Hyrule Warriors Review

Hack ‘N’ Hyrule

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Top 5 Ways ‘Esports’ Communities Can Improve

Continuing on from last week’s suggestions, but focusing on the players.

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Top 5 Ways ‘Esports’ Development Can Improve

Some suggestions to keep one of the fastest growing parts of the industry on the right track.

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Catch the Latest Episode of Another Smash Podcast

Join Another Castle’s biggest Smash Bros fans as they discuss the most recent screenshots and other news.

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Competition: The Last of Us ReWAHstered

Your monthly dose of Waluigi goodness.

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Watch The Latest 3DS Nintendo Direct Here

No Japanese required.

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Ultimate NES Remix Announced for 3DS

SegaScope 3D Glasses not required.

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Miyamoto: Back to Nintendo’s Base[ics]?

I know the headline is terrible.

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Pokken Tournament, a Pokemon fighter game, announced for Japanese arcades

And shortly thereafter for Wii U?

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Nintendo eShop Weekly Update 29/8: Lethargy Strikes Back

Not much on offer this week.

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Friday Castle Jukebox: Music From Films Based On Games

And you thought the movies were unfaithful to the source material.

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SCE Japan Pre TGS Conference – September 1st

Maybe they’ll mention the Vita

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Nintendo Direct Announced for 29/8

Will be 3DS-focused.

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Nintendo eShop Weekly Update 22/8: Together We Ride

Together We Buy!

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Gamescom 2014 Wrap-up (Podcast)

Tune in as the A-C team discuss the announcements from Gamescom 2014.

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Another Castle Jukebox – Silent Hill 2: Theme of Laura

Will’s 8-bit take on a classic Silent Hill tune.

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First Impressions: Hyrule Warriors

Initial impressions after a day with the game.

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Nintendo eShop Weekly Update 15/8: Sales, Sales Everywhere

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Gamescom: Jump on Sony’s Virtual Couch and Share PS4 Games

That sounds …awesome!

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Gamescom: New Features Heading to Xbox One

Finally, DLNA support!

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Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro team for Silent Hill reboot

That plural.

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Gamescom: Level Up While Holding Special Distribution Item “xb1beta” to Evolve Early

Evolve gets Xbox One-only beta, coming January 15th.

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Gamescom: Dead Nation Devs Try Aliens Instead

Another twin-stick shooter.

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Gamescom: Rime Gets Stunning New Trailer, Confirmed as PS4 Exclusive

Ico meets Wind Waker.

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Gamescom: Tearaway Unfolds on PS4

Poor Vita.

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