Launching a site overhaul is always a learning experience, and these past few days have certainly been a testament to that.

Another-Castle is an endeavour for the community, by the community. The revamp for Another-Castle v.2.0 that you have now seen was designed to rectify many existing issues with the website that had arisen from both staff feedback and, most importantly, community feedback. We recognise that transparency should be key to our relationship with the community, and that is an area that we humbly admit we should simply be doing a better job at.

Consider this post the first of many of that effort.

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So, what went wrong? Unfortunately, in implementing both staff and community feedback for v2.0, some of our vision had become lost. Although we took some much needed steps forward, we also took some steps back.

Specifically, during development of v2.0, there was a misinterpretation of the brief outlined to the development team, and as a result bbPress was chosen as a suitable replacement for vBulletin. As a result of this and unforseen problems in rolling out the new website — which you are all well aware of by now — as well as subsequent community feedback, we ha\’ve transitioned back to the previous forum system.

Unfortunately, this means that any forum posts or threads created yesterday have been lost. Commenting on front-page articles is also currently defunct. There are other several other functional issues with the forums (such as New Posts) which we are aware of, and the blogs section of the site is, for the time being, unavailable.

So where to now? Development does not stop here, and in addition to the issues listed above, we are planning on continually tweaking and upgrading the site over the coming days, weeks and beyond. As always, we would be nowhere without your valued support and feedback, so please continue to provide your input in the Site and Forum Suggestions thread. Another-Castle is nothing if not shaped by the community, and that is something we have no plans on discontinuing any time soon.

From the whole team, we want to offer our sincere apologies to our loyal community for the downtime. Thanks so much for your patience, and happy browsing.

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